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Gaskets  blades

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Radial displacements and BIO oils

Blade seals installed on turbines must keep the lubricant inside the hub and prevent water contamination.

Travel radials related to wear of the bronze rings (sagging of the blade) forced the seals to a great clearance.

The new environmental standards require more and more the filling of the units by aggressive organic oils to elastomers.

Techoseal DEFENDER Gaskets have specially been developed for this application. 

On-site intervention

To obtain an optimal result, Techoseal offers full support for the replacement of your blade seals.

Techoseal seal heat sealing technology allows you to change your seals without removing the blades.

Heat sealing provides excellent mechanical strength at the junction.

In addition to the expertise of our technician, on-site intervention allows you to engage our responsibility.


Procedures' steps : 

  • Verification of the general condition of the blades and their housing.

  • Expertise of the old seal (resistance over time, material, constraints).

  • Technical proposal for an improvement or renewal of the existing solution.

  • Study, design and supply of the recommended sealing system.

  • Installation of scaffolding.

  • Group emptying.

  • Removal of seal covers and recovery if necessary.

  • Installation of new seals and seal covers.

  • Group filling.

  • Verification of new seals by blade movement.

  • Dismantling of scaffolding

  • Operation report

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DEFENDER gasket fits

to all your housings

The DENFENDER has been designed taking into account the various constraints below :

  • Narrow housing coast

  • Radial displacement

  • ORGANIC oil

  • Long life expectancy

  • Charged water abrasion

  • Tourillons surface condition

  • Installation without dismantling the blade

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Why polyurethane?

Polyurethane brings several interesting characteristics with respect to the environment in which a blade seal operates.


  • No stick slip effect (grip) thanks to its better coefficient of friction.

  • Superior abrasion resistance which increases the seals' longevity.

  • Superior mechanical resistance (tensile, tearing, rupture on elongation) 

  • Heat-weldable, it can be mounted without dismantling the blade, delivered in open length. We can weld it on site.

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