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Gate Seals

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Customized seals

Molded / heat-welded or cold-glued corner blocks

Used in dam / cofferdam gates, corner blocks provide better sealing in the corners.

To facilitate assembly on site, the corner blocks are delivered with overlengths.

Centering system

​ The centering pins help you guide your blocks in translation and ensure perfectly aligned bonding on site.

Musical note frames ready to hang

​​ On plan or after surveying the dimensions on site, the complete frames can be manufactured in the factory and pre-drilled.

Ready to be installed, they require no gluing.

The frames provide optimal sealing.

Available up to lengths of 6000x6000

On-site intervention

To obtain an optimal result, Techoseal offers on-site intervention in the case of cold bonding or heat sealing of the corner/length blocks.

For cold bonding, we use a two-component glue to keep flexibility at the junction and offer an optimal result.

Heat sealing provides excellent mechanical strength at the junction.

In addition to the expertise of our technician, on-site intervention allows you to engage our responsibility.




Details of the procedure:

  • Checking the general condition of the valve.

  • Expertise of the old seal (resistance over time, material, constraints).

  • Technical proposal for an improvement or renewal of the existing solution.

  • Study, design and supply of the recommended sealing system.

  • Installing the new seal.

  • Drafting of assembly instructions for future interventions.

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