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Techoseal conçoit des joints de stabilisateurs de bateau sur-mesure

Nos solutions vous permettent de rester à flot jusqu'à votre prochain intervalle de maintenance.

Ils sont compatible à 100% avec les huiles BIO.

AQUA-POWER cartridge

Maximum service conditions:

  • Speed  : 8m/s

  • Pressure  : 0.7  bar

  • Radial displacement: 1mm

  • Axial displacement: unlimited

Advantages :

  • Design of a robust and efficient joint

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • 0 leakage rate

  • Predictable service life thanks to leak recovery

  • Hard Coat (HC) coating on the track giving it an excellent lifespan

  • Separable version (SPLIT) possible for easy replacement of seals without removing the shaft.

  • Economic

This cartridge is mainly used for KAPLAN / BULBE type turbines.

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Radial displacements and BIO oils

Blade seals installed on turbines must keep the lubricant inside the hub and prevent water contamination.

Travel  radials related to wear of the bronze rings (sagging of the blade) forced the seals to a great clearance.

The new environmental standards require more and more the filling of the units by aggressive organic oils to the elastomers.

Techoseal DEFENDER Gaskets  have been developed specifically for this application. 

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Why polyurethane?

Polyurethane brings several interesting characteristics with respect to the environment in which a blade seal operates.


  • No stick slip effect (grip) thanks to its better coefficient of friction.

  • Superior abrasion resistance which increases the longevity of the joint.

  • Superior mechanical resistance (tensile, tearing, rupture on elongation) 

  • Heat-weldable, it can be mounted without dismantling the blade, delivered in open length. We can weld it on site.

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